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Tamping — All of the important elements that go into a perfect coffee...


Spiced Mojito step by step guides to help you create your own cocktail masterpieces


Gassy Beer — Clear explanations of what to do if things are going wrong...

Formula has been designed to cover all practical aspects of the daily life of a bartender, with relevant and easy to access information.

Covering areas such as:

Spirits — what they are and how to describe and sell them

Spirits — The art of great cocktails – step by step instructions on how to make amazing, consistent drinks every time

Spirits — How understanding 7 basic formulas can allow you to make almost any mixed drink known

Coffee — How to make coffee professionally from start to finish, from tamping and dosing to putting the finishing touches on a macchiato

Beer — How to pour beer correctly, change kegs and Co2 canisters

Beer — the fundamentals – how to talk about it, what it tastes like and what food goes with it

ALL — How to clean, calibrate and maintain all of the important beverage serving equipment in your venue.

ALL — What to do when things go wrong with your coffee, beer or post-mix equipment

ALL — All of the important OH&S issues to look out for in a typical bar.

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